About Us

We were founded in the year 1990, with a sole aim of providing help to those suffering from Depression. For the longest time, depression was not recognized as an issue that needed any attention. It remained a private battle that was fought by patients and their families. Unfortunately, many battles were lost and this is what triggered our interest in creating a portal that can address these issues. Amongst our many aims, the most important ones are:

Depression Rehab Centers were always present but they remained unknown for the longest time. The only way you could contact or know of them would be to approach the doctors. Therefore, it became our aim to provide information about various rehab centers which provide support to people or families that want to help their family members.

Another important aim of ours has always been to connect the people with the right programs.


While there may be some who may think they have a problem there may be others who are at serious risk of endangering themselves if they do not get the help they need. This is where our services come in. We have created a large registry of all the centers and the kind of treatments they provide. This will help you to locate the service that suits your purpose.

As a company that talks about Depression, we feel it is our duty to raise awareness and make it easy for people with such problems to seek help. This we attempt to do by sponsoring various programs in communities, conducting programs and workshops in schools and colleges. This has helped us to provide help to scores of students and young kids dealing with several anxiety issues, peer pressure problems, depression and so on. We have a unique rating system which allows us to rate the rehab centers by the service, success rate, and so many other features.